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A Good Report

Last week I went in for my yearly physical. Over five years ago, I had a diagnosis of “incurable” cancer followed by eighteen months of failed chemotherapy with bad reports. Then I was miraculously healed and the report was that all signs of the cancer were gone.  

Only a few weeks later, my Covid test came back positive. The next nine months yielded six positive COVID tests in a row, 22 days in the hospital, and a bad report nearly every week from blood tests, CT scans, X-rays, PET Scans, and a Spinal tap.

We’ve all had bad reports about our health, finances, work, or family situations. We certainly get bad reports daily about the state of our country and the world. My recent physical tests revealed that I am still healthy three years after my healing from Cancer and COVID-19. But I had to receive my healing in faith before I received it in the test results.

In the midst of all the bad reports, it’s vital that we stand in faith to receive all of God’s promises. A physician may speak facts, but we have the Great Physician who speaks truth. Jesus is the truth that triumphs over circumstances through the power of His word and His Spirit.

As we face the facts, we can either fear the facts or as Jessie Duplantis says, "faith the facts.”  Fear reinforces the bad report, but faith magnifies God’s promises. In faith, we “call things that are not [yet] as though they were” (Romans 4:17)

  • When our finances look dismal, we can have faith in His Word:

Remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth Deut 8:18 

Declare: “I have wealth as I exercise the power God gave me to gain it.”

God shall supply all [my] need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Phil 4:19

Declare: “All my needs are met in Christ Jesus.”

The generous man will be prosperous. Proverbs 11:25

Declare: I am generous with my time, my talent, and my treasure, therefore I am prosperous.

  • When we get a bad doctor report, we can trust in His Word:

Blessed [fortunate, prosperous, and favored by God] is the man who fears the Lord [with awe-inspired reverence and worships Him with obedience] He will not fear bad news; His heart is steadfast, trusting [confidently relying on and believing] in the Lord. Psalm 112:1,7 

Declare:  “I am blessed. I fear the Lord. I do not fear bad news.  I have the Good news that by Jesus’ stripes I am healed. I praise the Lord and receive his benefits of healing all my diseases (Psalm 103:2) and He has taken sickness away from me ( Ex 23:25).”

What other facts are you facing about your health, work, finances, family, relations, the country, or the world? Now ask, “How can I ‘faith the facts’ to change the bad report to a good report?”

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