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Historical Pandemics and Perspective - Babies

Updated: Jan 11

“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad.” - Aldous Huxley


"You can’t get rich in politics unless you're a crook!" - Harry S. Truman


“I am convinced that there are more threats to American liberty within the 10-mile radius of my office on Capitol Hill than there are on the rest of the globe.” - Ron Paul




“CNN has redefined shoplifting as shopping without money and now plagiarism as sloppy attribution.” – Jesse Watters





"Outside of hospitality, healthcare, and government, job growth has slowed from 400k per month at the start of 2022 to just 2k per month in the last six months." – Goldman


The Federal Government is literally borrowing $1 trillion every 4 months or so.


How long can this go on before we go bust?





"The right to vote presupposes the rule of law governs elections. If elections are conducted outside of the law, the people have not conferred their consent on the government. Such elections are unlawful and their results are illegitimate.” – Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch, quoting Justice Bradley


President Trump released a summary of Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election in the Swing States.


It’s damning.


Justice Rebecca Bradley wrote, “If the right to vote is to have any meaning at all, elections must be conducted according to law. Throughout history, tyrants have claimed electoral victory via elections conducted in violation of governing law… in Wisconsin elected officials “deriv[e] their just powers from the consent of the governed.”


Net-Net … There is no evidence that Biden won!





“DEI is just another word for racism. Shame on anyone who uses it." – Elon Musk


“When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination.” - Thomas Sowell


Racist Marxist DEI and CRT will be the undoing of American greatness. Rewarding the incompetent because of race, over the qualified is a recipe for failure. Meritocracy is a fundamental element of freedom.


“DEI, because it discriminates on the basis of race, gender and many other factors, is not merely immoral, it is also illegal.” – Elon Musk





“The greatest domestic threat to the national security and the safety of the American people is Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.” - House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green at the border


We are breaking records every day.


2023: 3,201,144

2022: 2,766,582

2021: 1,956,519

2020:    405,036

The rate of illegal invasion is rising rapidly. The GOP Congress must stop this now. Countries all over the world are sending us their worst criminals. Furthermore, it would appear that China and Muslim nations are sending trained terrorists.

“The GOP could have used their leverage in both houses of Congress to stop ALL legislation on everything until the border was closed again, like it was in 2020. But they didn't want to because they are not a real opposition party faithfully serving their voters.” – Rasmussen Reports


“The greatest Domestic threat was caused by members of congress who funded the illegal invasion to be moved throughout the interior of our country that they're now complaining about.” - Wendy Patterson


Biden sued Texas and Gov. Abbott because the Governor signed a law making it illegal for an illegal immigrant to enter or attempt to enter Texas directly from a foreign nation. This says it all. States cannot be allowed to protect America’s borders.


“Biden administration ‘is actively facilitating illegal immigration’ to the United States.” - Elon Musk


Once our partner during Trump’s term, Mexico is no longer helping to defend our border. Mexican soldiers are being deployed to oversee pathways used by masses of migrants who are given GPS coordinates identifying predetermined crossing points along the Rio Grande.


“If Biden won't shut down the border invasion, Congress must shut down the corrupt government that is funding it!” – Rep Mary Miller


And here comes another money laundering shakedown. Joe Biden has claimed that he has not been given enough taxpayer money from Republicans to protect America’s borders, despite sending hundreds of billions in federal funding to fuel foreign wars.


“If we do not control our own borders, then we do not have any immigration policy. We may have immigration laws on the books, but if anybody can cross the border who wants to, those laws are just words on paper and a bad joke.” – Thomas Sowell





Our southern border with Mexico is being invaded with men from China.


Food for thought:


“Sources reveal that before crossing the border, many Chinese military personnel sport a distinct PLA tattoo tied to a specific brigade. They're also reportedly partaking in chicken blood drinking rituals, linked to the 'Jungle Tigers' or PLA's 75th Special Operations Brigade.


Biden is addressing nation on Jan 6th from Gettysburg (or Valley Forge), a symbolic civil war site. His agenda? Paint Trump as the threat, while he his puppet masters stir a civil war with China's aid to maintain power and move to a single party system. Don't be misled. Advocate peace, vote out these traitors, and seek justice lawfully.” – Brian Costello


The largest migrant caravan of 2023 known as the 'poverty exodus,' has recently departed from Southern Mexico, comprising approximately 15,000 individuals from 24 countries en route to the US border.


Single men invaders entering the country from Africa, China and Muslim nations since 2021, now exceeds the number of active duty military personnel. That we know of, that is.





“The WEF is threatening the heads of government of the 20 most industrialized nations in the world to carry out the Great Reset. It is a global coup d’état, against which it is essential that people rise up. Those who govern nations have all become either enslaved or blackmailed by this international mafia.” - Archbishop Vigano


“Never let anyone take away your freedom because of ‘the greater good.’ Freedom is the greater good.”

As I have been saying for three years, the Great Reset is at the root of everything – every insane happening. Nothing is random or by chance. All is be orchestrated. They are following their playbook to the letter. They are proud of what they are doing. It is on their websites and in their books.





“Looks like the forces of evil have settled on The Insurrection Hoax as their main gaslighting for 2024.” – Scott Adams


NBC News reported that President Biden will cast former President Trump as a threat to democracy Saturday in a speech set to be delivered on the third anniversary of the Jan. 6 insurrection, the Biden campaign said this week.


The real target of the J6 Committee is not Trump but us. The modern Nazi Uniparty has criminalized dissent and used Big Tech as their agents to surveil and censor us.


By the way, watch out for the Trojan Horses in the 2024 GOP race Haley, DeSantis, etc.:


"Nikki Haley is a liberal. She is all in on the four tenets of neoliberalism, which are white guilt, a finance-based economy, mass immigration, and endless neocon wars. Strip away all the outward characteristics, and Nikki Haley is identical in her priorities to Joe Biden and the people who back Joe Biden." – Tucker Carlson


Neocon Nikki Haley says it's inappropriate to call the illegal immigrants 'criminals.' Does the woman understand the definition of “illegal?”





“DC elites are finding themselves trapped in foreign honeypot schemes.” - Jesse Watters


The Epstein client list is being slow-walked while the Deep State finalizes the details of a distraction event. I would bet money on a doozy of a False Flag Event any time now.


From all accounts, Epstein Island was for blackmail, ritualistic sacrifice, and child rape. A tranche of documents were released in a case involving Jeffrey Epstein. There are few revelations in this batch; although, many are still dissecting them.


So far it is what we already knew from the 2015 case. Except, we now know far more names – Clinton 50+ times, Schiff 70+ times, Pritzker, Oprah 11 times, Gates 37 times, Prince Andrew, Abedin, et. al. We do now know the names of 73 of 77 “Does” in the 2015 documents.


“Shut up, I know he’s (Epstein) your friend, I don’t care …” – Ricky Gervais


“During the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, it was reported: Evidence from Jeffrey Epstein's safe 'went missing' after FBI raid. What was in the safe? We’ll never know for certain. We do know that the FBI has Jeffrey Epstein’s blackmail files. The real Jeffrey Epstein files are the blackmail material. Very powerful forces have made sure we will never see it.” – Cernovich


The second dump torched Clinton. But, we all knew about his predilections already. Bill Clinton is exposed as a child sexual predator, but what else is clear is that Hillary Clinton was also a part of it.


Do not be surprised if the US Deep State drags us into WW3 due to these two Mossad-CIA double-agents (Maxwell & Epstein), with ties to the WEF, who were blackmailing US politicians with a pedophilia sex ring.


The FBI had confiscated more than 20,000 images from CDs, hard drives, photos stored in drawers and closets, along with hundreds of logs and notes, when they searched Epstein’s $17 million NY home. Shocker, the safe full of blackmail materials has “gone missing.” He had six other homes. This has all been sealed since 2019.


“They wanted us to believe that Epstein ‘Committed Suicide ’ in Jail…while the Guards ‘accidentally’ fell asleep…as the security cameras were ‘broken’…accompanied by conflicting Autopsy reports. The ‘List’ is a distraction…it’s the pictures and videos they’re still hiding.” – Liz Churchill


This latest drop was part of the mop up operation. The real story is locked up at the FBI, CIA, and even higher levels. Criminal wrongdoing cannot be proven from these selected releases.


Hundreds more documents naming Jeffrey Epstein's associates are due to be released in the coming days and weeks after Judge Loretta Preska's ruling. … We will be watching.


Senator Durbin is sitting on Sen. Marsha Blackburn’s request to subpoena Epstein’s flight logs.





Pay attention to the new spin. It is on every MSM channel. Clinton, himself, came out of hiding to say that he “didn’t know about Epstein’s private life.” The MSM now refers to Maxwell’s as the woman “who groomed children for Epstein.”


Do you get it? Nobody is guilty but Epstein himself, and all of the folks who made numerous trips to Epstein Island are innocent. They had no idea what was going on. Good thing for them Epstein is dead. How convenient.


Bill Clinton’s office released a statement claiming that the former president “knows nothing” about Jeffrey Epstein. Sure. He didn’t “have sexual relations with that woman” either.


Ghislaine Maxwell breaks her silence via her attorney on the Jeffrey Epstein list being released: "It’s all about men abusing women for a long period of time… and it’s only one person in jail—a woman."


Her life expectancy is dropping rapidly.


“They (globalists) are destroying the institution of family, their culture’s historical identity, and various perversions with regard to children, up to pedophilia are accepted as the new norm.” – Putin





Epstein island is shut down but he was said to be a “small player.” Child sex trafficking is sadly a big business.


Remember the Pizzagate, and related honeypot/honey-trap schemes are real and a whole separate sick racquet our dubious leaders participated in. Many are being blackmailed by our enemies as a result.





“The population crisis is real.” – Elon Musk


Our kids need to make more kids.


Elon Musk says the biggest threat to mankind is “population collapse.”


"Population collapse is a major risk to the future of civilization. No new humans, means no humanity." - Elon Musk


The WEF Great Reset is behind everything: The Great Replacement, The Great Displacement, and The Great Removal. The UN Agenda 2030 and 2050 call for massive population reduction.


It is happening. Covid mRNA vaccines have killed tens of millions worldwide, and continue to kill. Now, many countries are reporting declines in live birth rates in Germany, U.K., Taiwan, Hungary and Sweden, to name a few.


Covid did not slow down birth rates, but the vaccine seems to have. The mRNA vaccines appear to have caused a significant decline in fertility. Population collapse is potentially the biggest threat to civilization. Here's what's happening in the world:


  • South Korea's Record-Low Fertility Rate To Fall Further, Warns Government.

  • China’s fertility rate is estimated to have touched a record low of 1.09 last year. Births were below 10mn for the first time. This year, expect a third straight year of decline with births a tenth lower to well below 9mn.

  • Japan's 18-year-olds slip to record-low 1.06m on falling births.

  • Singapore’s birth rate is at a record low.

  • Vietnam's low birth rate keeps falling.

  • Fertility rate in the Netherlands drops to record low.

  • Indiana's birth rate fell dramatically, dropping from 14.1 births per 1,000 people to 11.7, per new CDC data.

  • Nearly 14% Fertility Rate Drop In Sweden and Germany Linked To Covid Vaccines.


In the five countries with the highest Covid jab uptake, fertility has dropped by an average of 15.2%, whereas the five countries with the lowest Covid jab uptake have seen an average decline of just 4.66%.


Germany's Federal Institute for Population Research says: "there is a strong association between the onset of vaccination programs and the fertility decline nine months after." They found no association with Covid or unemployment -- only the jabs!


Shocking statistics brought up in the Hungarian parliament telling of a birth rate decline of 20% and even a fertility rate fall, all coming 9 months from the Covid jab mass roll out.


Israeli study shows that Covid Vaccine causes a decline in male fertility.


“Pfizer’s Documents Prove the COVID Vaccine as ‘The Deadliest Drug Ever Rolled Out to the Human Public.’” - Dr James Thorp


Ryan Cole on Infertility in Women:  “Based on the data there’s probably a 20% chance of girls becoming infertile after Covid shots.”


In a study cited by Epoch Times, "We could potentially be sterilizing an entire generation."


Experts in the study, warn credible evidence shows that Covid vaccines impact fertility, causes significant menstrual irregularities, and created a sudden decline in live birth rates along with skyrocketing miscarriages, fetal deaths and stillbirths.


Records show that the FDA knew in 2021 that Pfizer mRNA Covid Vaccine ‘caused dire fetal and infant risks, including death.’


The latest research reveals 57-fold increase in miscarriages and a 38-fold increase in still births and fetal deaths after Covid mRNA jabs.


“What I have seen in my clinical practice has been a substantial increase of infertility, miscarriage, fetal death and fetal malformation.” - Dr. James Thorp at Sen. Ron Johnson Roundtable


Couple this scenario with the orchestrated mass invasions, and the unique culture of countries worldwide will change in short order. The invasion at America’s southern border is now exceeding citizen birthrates.


“This is intentional … if we don’t have mass deportations at some point soon, America, as we know it, will cease to exist in a few short years.” – General Flynn


The rise of Homosexuality and Transgenderism will further the decline.


The Covid-19 Vaccine Baby Bust is here and it's likely permanent. Time will tell. Evidence points to a sharp decline in fertility rates and in the number of births across highly developed countries and it's likely to stay.


Thankfully, the Florida Surgeon General demands FDA, CDC "halt" mRNA COVID vaccine use in humans.


‘Déjà vu, all over again’


They will try again. The WHO, with their Pandemic Treaty in hand, will bring scamdemics with metronome precision.


Since Covid and the Covid vaccines did not depopulate the planet enough, they will plan more. Putin has a filing with the UN Security Council stating that one is in the works now.


The group behind the November 2019 global pandemic “simulation” just months before Covid hit, are also behind a simulation called “SPARS Pandemic of 2025-2028: A futuristic scenario.”





While the world spirals out of control, it is important to be sure we know our hope – our true hope!


“My hope lives not because I am not a sinner, but because I am a sinner for whom Christ died; my trust is not that I am holy, but that being unholy, He is my righteousness. My faith rests not upon what I am or shall be or feel or know, but in what Christ is, in what He has done, and in what He is now doing for me. Hallelujah!” – Charles Spurgeon

“Wake up - the hour is much later than you think.” – Emerald Robinson



SEEKING THE TRUTH: Follow the silenced! The truth will not be found on your television or newspapers; not even Fox is reporting anything close to the truth. See the truth; share the truth.

For tons more information that runs counter to the narrative, find me on Twitter/X @tim_f_day, on Telegram @TreyBone, or TruthSocial @tim_day.  YouTube and Facebook are so heavily censored, it is a hopeless cause. So, I post heavily on Twitter – far, far more than I can put in an email.


I carpet-bomb Twitter/X daily with enough facts and truth to bring anyone willing to read a bit, up to speed in very little time. Just reading the posts and headlines on my Twitter channel will clear the clouds of deception.


You cannot go onto Twitter/X and merely look around. You need to plug into the right network. I am doing the work for you. Examine my network. Follow those I follow to stay truly informed.


Note: I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I am a "things aren't adding up and it's pretty obvious" theorist. And, a decidedly “I ain’t buying the mainstream narrative” anymore patriot.


My objective is to awaken Christians to the clear and present danger; to awaken the silent majority – the sleeping lion.


Past posts can be found at: 

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