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Historical Pandemics and Perspective - China

"Politics is the art of making your selfish desires seem like the national interest." - Thomas Sowell






“Don’t take it the wrong way. You guys seem smart, but you keep funding utterly dumb and clownish politicians in your country. What’s up with that? In China, Tom Cotton wouldn’t even be a village chief.” - President Xi Jinping


A famous general admits that China will attack the USA with bio-weapons to destroy its people and seize its land.


The CCP disavows this as their true aim. They do not disavow that the speech was made. You make the call.


The reason that the United States remains today is that it has never seen war on its mainland. Once its enemies aim at the mainland, these enemies would reach Washington before its congress finishes debating and authorizes the president to declare war. …


The bottom line is, only China is a reliable force in resisting the Western parliament-based democratic system. …


Maybe you have now come to understand why we recently decided to further promulgate atheism. If we let theology from the West into China and empty us from the inside, if we let all Chinese people listen to God and follow God, who will obediently listen to us and follow us? …


To solve this problem (of living space), we must lead the Chinese people outside of China, so that they could develop outside of China. …  Comrade Mao Zedong said that if we could lead the Chinese people outside of China, resolving the lack of living space in China, the Chinese people will support us. …


Our national defense policy has taken a 180 degree turn and we have since emphasized more and more “combining peace and war.” Our economic development is all about preparing for the needs of war! Publicly we still emphasize economic development as our center, but in reality, economic development has war as its center! …


We are also storing all necessary war materials. Therefore, we will not hesitate to fight a Third World War, so as to lead the people to go out and to ensure the Party’s leadership position. … We’d rather have the whole world, or even the entire globe, share life and death with us than step down from the stage of history! …


Comrade He Xin put forward … The renaissance of China is in fundamental conflict with the Western strategic interest, and therefore will inevitably be obstructed by the western countries doing everything they can. …


If the United States is firm in blocking us, it is hard for us to do anything significant to Taiwan, Vietnam, India, or even Japan. … Therefore, solving the “issue of America” is the key to solving all other issues. First, this makes it possible for us to have many people migrate there and even establish another China under the same leadership of the CCP. …


After solving the “issue of America,” the western countries of Europe would bow to us, not to mention Taiwan, Japan and other small countries. Therefore, solving the “issue of America” is the mission assigned to the CCP members by history. …


I sometimes think how cruel it is for China and the United States to be enemies that are bound to meet on a narrow road! … It is historical destiny that China and the United States will come to unavoidable confrontation on a narrow path and fight each other! … In the long run, the relationship of China and the United States is one of a life-and-death struggle. …


Our reform and opening to the outside world still rely on their capital and technology, we still need America. Therefore, we must do everything we can to promote our relationship with America, learn from America in all aspects and use America as an example to reconstruct our country. …


Comrade Xiaoping emphasized: “Refrain from revealing ambitions and put others off the track.” The hidden message is: we must put up with America; we must conceal our ultimate goals, hide our capabilities, and await the opportunity. …


Talk loudly about the “Taiwan issue” but not the “American issue.” We all know the principle of “doing one thing under the cover of another.” If ordinary people can only see the small island of Taiwan in their eyes, then you as the elite of our country should be able to see the whole picture of our cause.


Only by using special means to “clean up” America will we be able to lead the Chinese people there. This is the only choice left for us. … We are not as foolish as to want to perish together with America by using nuclear weaponsOnly by using non-destructive weapons that can kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves. There has been rapid development of modern biological technology, and new bio-weapons have been invented one after another. …


From a humanitarian perspective, we should issue a warning to the American people and persuade them to leave America and leave the land they have lived in to the Chinese people. Or at least they should leave half of the United States to be China’s colony, because America was first discovered by the Chinese. But would this work? …


Our historical experience has proven that as long as we make it happen, nobody in the world can do anything about us. Furthermore, if the United States as the leader is gone, then other enemies have to surrender to us. Biological weapons are unprecedented in their ruthlessness, but if the Americans do not die then the Chinese have to die. …


We must prepare ourselves for two scenarios. If our biological weapons succeed in the surprise attack, the Chinese people will be able to keep their losses at a minimum in the fight against the United States. If, however, the attack fails and triggers a nuclear retaliation from the United States, China would perhaps suffer a catastrophe in which more than half of its population would perish. That is why we need to be ready with air defense systems for our big and medium-sized cities. …


In Chinese history, in the replacement of dynasties, the ruthless have always won and the benevolent have always failed. … Therefore, in recent years, we have been conducting research on genetic weapons, i.e., those weapons that do not kill yellow people. …


Chinese living in the United States have become our burden, because they have been corrupted by the bourgeois liberal values for a long time and it would be difficult for them to accept our Party’s leadership. If they survived the war, we would have to launch campaigns in the future to deal with them, to reform them. History has proved that any social turmoil is likely to involve many deaths. …


It is indeed brutal to kill one or two hundred million Americans. But that is the only path that will secure a Chinese century in which the CCP leads the world. …


Now, it seems like we are in the same critical period as the “horses were drinking water” in the Yangtze River days in the revolutionary era, as long as we resolve the United States problem at one blow, our domestic problems will all be readily solved. Therefore, our military battle preparation appears to aim at Taiwan but in fact is aimed at the United States, and the preparation is far beyond the scope of attacking aircraft carriers or satellites.” - Chi Haotian retired general in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army



When you sit down to do your taxes, savor the knowledge that most of its going to interest payments to Wall Street and China.


UK just confirmed that China hacked into their Election Systems in 2021 and 2022, and the UK Now Announces Sanctions.


CISA and its U.S. Government partners have confirmed that this group of PRC state-sponsored cyber actors has compromised entities across multiple critical infrastructure sectors in cyberspace, including communications, energy, transportation, and water and wastewater, in the United States and its territories.


Joe Biden used his public office to grift money from China and Ukraine. The US is in an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China that is in complete alignment with Chinese hegemonic and military doctrine. Therein, Joe Biden is a clear Chinese proxy [follow the Money].


Kansas lawmakers passed a bill banning Chinese land purchases near military sites. Florida warns schools against using China-linked tutoring service. China has bought approximately 350,000 acres of farmland in America.


China urges India to respect its sovereignty claims over the disputed South China Sea after India backed Philippines’ sovereignty. China is flexing her muscle in the China Sea.


65,000 Chinese men of military age have entered our Country illegally. CCP has a huge camp in Darien Gap. Smacks of a standing army being developed within our borders.


Rep. Roger Williams has introduced a bill that would require federal agents to screen everyone who enters the country illegally against the federal terrorist watch list. Can you believe the millions entering our Country are not being vetted to the watch list?





BlackRock, State Street, and Vanguard represent the most powerful cartel in human history: they’re the largest shareholders of nearly every major public company (even of each other). They use your own money to create a country that you never voted for. It’s not the invisible hand of the free market, but the invisible fist of government itself.” - Vivek Ramaswamy


65% of Americans believe the Country on the wrong track. Who knows how there could be even 35% who believe it is all okay.





We're losing our country.


It is a new US record. 51.1 million illegal immigrants, nearly 20% of our workforce.


CIS_org analysis of Census data shows the blame for the massive surge is Joe Biden.


If Democrats gain control of the House, they fully intend to grant amnesty and voting rights to illegals.

America, as we know it, will cease to exist in a few short years if we stay on this trajectory. In fact, tremendous irreversible damage has already been done.


Wake up - the hour is much later than you think.” – Emerald Robinson



SEEKING THE TRUTH: Follow the silenced! The truth will not be found on your television or newspapers; not even Fox is reporting anything close to the truth.


Seek the truth; share the truth.


For tons more information that runs counter to the narrative, find me on Twitter/X @tim_f_day, on Telegram @TreyBone, or TruthSocial @tim_day.  YouTube and Facebook are so heavily censored, it is a hopeless cause. So, I post heavily on Twitter – far, far more than I can put in an email.


I carpet-bomb Twitter/X daily with enough facts and truth to bring anyone willing to read a bit, up to speed in very little time. Just reading the posts and headlines on my Twitter channel will clear the clouds of deception.


You cannot go onto Twitter/X and merely look around. You need to plug into the right network. I am doing the work for you. Examine my network. Follow those I follow to stay truly informed.


Note: I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I am a "things aren't adding up and it's pretty obvious" theorist. And, a decidedly “I ain’t buying the mainstream narrative” anymore patriot.


My objective is to awaken Christians to the clear and present danger; to awaken the silent majority – the sleeping lion.


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