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Historical Pandemics and Perspective - Don't

Psalm 12:8 The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.





"In the history of U.S. foreign and defense strategy, no presidential administration ever cultivated the rise of new, powerful groupings of nation states that oppose the United States as the Biden Administration has." - U.S. Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor


Iran killed 603 American soldiers in Iraq.


The US has dispatched the USS Bataan and 2,500 Marines into the Eastern Mediterranean. Why? Because, Joe Biden has brought us closer to WWIII than we have been at any other point in American history.


"The Middle East is quieter today than it has been in two decades." - National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, September 29th, 2023.


Well, that did not play well!


But, do not worry; our Military has an abundance of ‘dignity, respect and pride’ as well as an ‘arsenal of pro-nouns in their emails.


I’m sure Iran is shaking in their boots while our military is strutting in their high heels.

We should send all DEI hires, and politicians who promote it, to the frontlines immediately.


If that photo did not concern you, this one certainly should.

“This group seriously concerns me and I wish I didn’t feel the way I do.” – General Flynn






Biden to Iran - “Don’t.”


Can you believe that Iran did not obey O’Biden.


Israel is being told to “show restraint.”


Iran helped Hamas commit 10/7 attacks. They helped coordinate Hamas defense of Gaza. Israelis retaliated by killing Iranian general in charge. Iran sent 300+ drones/missiles at civilian/military targets in Israel. Biden now says Israel must ‘show restraint.’


Biden’s is all about deceptive rhetoric.


Make no mistake; this is a banker's war. O’Biden is funding both sides of the conflict. He’s laundering money through the military industrial complex for his DC and Globalist cronies!


Iran heavily funds, supports and trains terrorist groups around the world, continually expanding its influence all across the globe.


President Trump had Iran bankrupt. He sanctioned them into oblivion. Joe Biden unfroze $6 billion of their assets and helped fund their terror immediately, then another $10 billion a couple months ago.


“Last month, the Biden administration re-approved a sanctions waiver against Iran, letting the terrorist regime access $10 billion in funds.” – Sen Marsha Blackburn


Joe Biden gifted Iran with over $80 Billion since entering the White House. The Biden administration intentionally let the international embargo on Iran’s missile and drone program lapse.


He gave Hamas a few hundred million dollars days before they attacked Israel. All total, between cash, dropped sanctions, and unfrozen assets O’Biden has helped Iran to the tune of $100+ Billion.


Iran is exporting 134% more barrels of oil a day under Joe Biden than they did under Trump.


With allies like America, Israel must be thinking, who need enemies. Netanyahu stated a few years back, you can stop giving Israel aid money if you will simply stop funding our enemies.


Biden reportedly provided guidance to Iran in its attack on Israel.” – Tom Fitton






"This is a declaration of war." - Israeli president Herzog


Israel has drawn up plans to attack Iran, an Israeli military spokesman has suggested. The plans were approved at a war cabinet meeting as the West urged Israel to exercise restraint. It is not clear whether Israel intends to immediately carry out the attack.


Reports now indicate Israel will strike back on Iran in next 24-48 hours. Pentagon said that the US won’t join any Israeli retaliation against Iran. We will see. Seems we are already in it.


The US has dispatched the USS Bataan and 2,500 Marines into the Eastern Mediterranean. Why? Because Joe Biden has brought us closer to WWIII than we have been at any other point in American history.


If world War III breaks and there are two sides:


1.    Russia, China, Iran, Yemen, North Korea.

2.    NATO, United States, Israel, and UK.


If Israel is to launch an attack on Iran, triggering an escalation, the price of oil will surge. Iran will retaliate by blocking the Strait of Hormuz.


Because of Biden pushing Russia into close ties with China, our Petro-dollar reserve currency has already been substantially handed over the BRICS nations. This conflict could spell the end of the petrodollar, potentially replaced by a central bank digital currency (CBDC), by plans already in motion.


SWIFT's recent announcement, made in March, outlines intentions to establish a platform within the next one to two years, facilitating connections between the emerging wave of central bank digital currencies and the current financial system.


It is more Problem, Reaction, Solution.






The O’Biden regime is filled by Iranian-born operatives like Pentagon official Ariane Tabatabai, a willing recruit in the not-so covert influence operation run by Tehran’s Foreign Ministry according to a trove of leaked files. Of course the Iranian Pentagon aide keeps her security clearance despite 'spying for Tehran.'


The enemy is in our government with top-secret clearances. What could possibly go wrong?!?






Evans Wroten from North Carolina sums it up brilliantly:


1.    American citizens start significantly pushing back against Congress sending more money to aid Ukraine in their losing war with Russia.

2.    Congress decides to add funding for Israel and the southern border to the package hoping that would provide a path to get said funding. It didn't work.

3.    Israel, for the first time since ever, decides it’s a good idea to bomb a foreign embassy compound (Iran) in a sovereign nation (Syria).

4.    The US and Israel know that Iran will have to retaliate and Iran responds with drones and cruise missiles giving Israel & the world several hours’ notice before said ordinance finds its way to its targets.....then Iran announces they are done with their retaliation.

5.    Israel states that they will now retaliate and they will, but in the next few days the US is going to step in and try to fool everyone that they’ve saved the day and brokered peace.

6.    The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence scrambles around to drum up public fear and starts pushing their talking heads out to all the main stream media stations and newspapers so that Congress can go back and repackage an even larger funding package to Ukraine and Israel, this time leaving funding for the US southern border out completely.

7.    After adding a grotesque amount of additional pork to it, it gets shoved through House and Senate in record time and anyone who questions or opposes it is called an anti-Semite and a puppet of Putin.

8.    American taxpayers get bent over one more time while politicians, the military industrial complex, corporate elites and globalists rake in billions.


Make sense? It is money laundering on a scale we have never seen.


The MSM will prop up O’Biden and make him look like ‘strong’ Commander-in-Chief as we move toward the election. Never mind that he essentially started the war by funding Iran.


“Don’t!”— Or Ten Ways to Guarantee a Theater-wide War


Victor Davis Hanson sums up how we got here.


On the eve of the October 7 massacres, National Security Advisor bragged in an essay that his Mideast portfolio was “quieter than it has been for decades”.  Now we are on the verge of a multifront Middle East war.


How did Joe Biden inherit a decades-long regional calm and turn it into a precursor to a gargantuan war?


1.    Talk loudly and carry a twig. Issue hollow Obama-like “redlines” or serial Biden threats to aggressive enemies like the vapid “Don’t!” Witness a U.S. President who works a 3-day week, struggles to read a teleprompter, and shouts more at conservative Americans than at America’s enemies.


2.    Destroy hard-won deterrence. Abruptly pull out of Afghanistan. Abandon $50 billion in weapons to terrorists. Abandon a new $1 billion embassy. Abandon a $300 refitted air base. Abandon thousands of NATO allies, thousands of U.S. contractors, and thousands of Afghan allies. Lose 13 Marines in a horrific scramble to get out, while killing collateral Afghan civilians in a supposedly “righteous strike”. Call the entire American humiliation an impressive withdrawal.


3.    Sit passively while a Chinese spy balloon traverses the continental U.S. Shoot it down only after days of escalating public outrage. Be afraid to call the Chinese out for the Wuhan-lab-generated, gain-of-function Covid-19 virus. Let Chinese diplomats dress down our silent and stunned secretary of state and national security advisor on American soil in Anchorage.


4.    Coddle terrorist Iran. Seem eager to resume the Iran Deal. Lift sanctions. Allow $100 billion in oil profits to flow into Iranian coffers. Restore aid to the terrorist Palestinian authority and Hamas. Ignore Hezbollah’s terrorism. Remove the terrorist designation of the Houthis. Mostly ignore over 120 Iranian attacks on American installations. Transfer suspended funds to Iran at the rate of $1.2 billion for each American hostage it took.


5.    Pressure Israel not to destroy Hamas—and not to reply to missile and drone attacks on the Israeli homeland. Threaten to cut off military aid to the only democratic government and longest U.S. ally in the Middle East should it finish off Hamas. Signal the Middle East that there is growing distance between Israel and America. Try to subvert if not overthrow the elected government of Israel. Transfer U.S. weapons stocks from Israel to Ukraine. Ignore thousands of missiles launched by Hamas and Hezbollah, and 100,000 Israelis internally displaced from their homes.


6.    Run up the U.S deficit by $1 trillion every 100 days through reckless spending for entitlements, massive green subsidies, and DEI initiatives—while neglecting American shortages of munition stocks, arms, ships, and planes.


7.    Recalibrate the U.S. military by substituting DEI criteria for past meritocracy. Accuse white males of being suspect white supremacists, then investigate them, then find no such evidence—and then suffer a shortage of a record 41,000 recruits. Lose the confidence of the American people in the military, so that less than half the population polls high confidence in the armed forces. Render the Uniform Code of Military Justice a mere construct.


8.    Destroy the U.S. border for rank political purposes. Cancel all prior border enforcement. Abandon construction of the border wall. Allow in 10-million illegal aliens, among them thousands from hostile nations and some with terrorist ties. Provide generous subsidies, exemptions, and entitlements to immigrant lawbreakers, not always accorded to the U.S. poor.


9.    Lose control of the world’s maritime commercial corridors. Allow the Chinese to harass allies in the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea. Allow the Houthis to shut down the Red Sea. Allow Iran to hijack ships in the Straits of the Hormuz. Witness the Black Sea become off-limits to maritime traffic.


Now one is this incompetent. This is premeditated subversion.

Election Fraud


There are 3,143 counties in the USA.


To steal the Presidency, they only had to steal and flip in six counties.


1.    Maricopa, AX,

2.    Fulton, GA,

3.    Philadelphia, PA,

4.    Wayne, MI,

5.    Milwaukee, WI,

6.    Clark, NV.

This is exactly what happened. They stopped the count in these states simultaneously to tally how many votes they had to fabricate to steal the election.


It will happen again if the American people do not stand up and demand election integrity.






Psalm 12:3 The Lord shall cut off all flattering lips, and the tongue that speaketh proud things:


Francis Schaeffer was absolutely right when he began ‘How Should We Then Live?’ with these words: “There is a flow to history and culture.”


“Yes, there is such a flow, and Christians had better know which way the culture is flowing.” – Al Mohler


As Christians, with discernment and understanding of the times, it is easy to become disillusioned and fearful. Many retreat from the reality around them. They prefer blissful ignorance. Many consider their tuning out of reality to be faith. But, it is not.


Ezekiel 33:10 … how should we then live?


“Schaeffer was right that the promises of personal peace and affluence were the greatest threats to evangelical faithfulness.” – Al Mohler


I am not suggesting that Christians should be fearful or worried about the trajectory of the world.  I am suggesting that Christians should be aware, and have a Godly and prayerful concern.


We are called to be “salt and light” to the lost world; to be in the world, but ‘not of it.’ We must be aware of what is going on and the trajectory of the world. Our first century church fathers repeatedly warned and admonished their flocks to be prepared to face the antichrist and endure the Great Tribulation. This is the farthest thing from the minds of the average church today.


The spirit of antichrist is behind everything going on in the world at present. He is paving the way for ‘the antichrist’ to step into the world stage one day. Our churches, by and large, are completely unaware of what is taking place around them.


The world could continue on as it is for a hundred, a thousand, or ten thousand more years. Somehow, I kind of doubt it. Regardless, one day the Seventh Week of Daniel will begin and the church must be ready to “overcome” and “endure to the end.”

Revelation 3:5 He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before his angels.


Matthew 10:22 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.


Many of our churches actively participated with the spirit of antichrist over the past four years, and remain completely unaware – even now. They lack discernment. They are ripe for the deception of the end time and the “great falling away” Paul warned of. They need to repent and seek God for “how we should then live.”


“Schaeffer’s thesis was that if we are to understand ‘how we should then live’ today, then we must understand the cultural and intellectual forces that brought us to this day.” - Lane Dennis


The Good News is, Jesus wins.


Luke 21:36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.


“We’re about to find out if Christians in this generation are going to believe and to live authentic biblical Christianity.” – Al Mohler


Wake up - the hour is much later than you think.” – Emerald Robinson



SEEKING THE TRUTH: Follow the silenced! The truth will not be found on your television or newspapers; not even Fox is reporting anything close to the truth.


Seek the truth; share the truth.


For tons more information that runs counter to the narrative, find me on Twitter/X @tim_f_day, on Telegram @TreyBone, or TruthSocial @tim_day.  YouTube and Facebook are so heavily censored, it is a hopeless cause. So, I post heavily on Twitter – far, far more than I can put in an email.


I carpet-bomb Twitter/X daily with enough facts and truth to bring anyone willing to read a bit, up to speed in very little time. Just reading the posts and headlines on my Twitter channel will clear the clouds of deception.


You cannot go onto Twitter/X and merely look around. You need to plug into the right network. I am doing the work for you. Examine my network. Follow those I follow to stay truly informed.


Note: I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I am a ‘things aren't adding up and it's pretty obvious’ theorist. And, a decidedly ‘I ain’t buying the mainstream narrative’ anymore patriot.


My objective is to awaken Christians to the clear and present danger; to awaken the silent majority – the sleeping lion.


Past posts can be found at:

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