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Historical Pandemics and Perspective - Insecurity

“A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody.” - Thomas Paine


“It is easy to give up freedom and hard to get it back.” - Thomas Sowell



“Painful how many Americans suddenly think Freedom of Speech is this narrow little thing full of carve-outs, not meant to protect offensive, radical, or even violent ideas. The First Amendment was authored by men who famously advocated for armed insurrection!” – Edward Snowden





“Johnson pushed [an] un-American Censorship Bill that puts the Constitution through a paper shredder. This botched anti-Semitism resolution is just the cherry on top of the crap sundae Mike Johnson has served Congressional Republicans for six months.” – Rep Thomas Massie


Rep. Andy Biggs states, “The ‘Anti-Semitism Awareness Act’ passed by the House this week had no business being brought forward. It is antithetical to our Constitution. There are many ways to support the Jewish people that don't involve compromising our First Amendment.”


“Right Motivation, Misguided Legislation.” – Al Mohler






Good News: Senator Ron Johnson has secured the support of every one of his Republican colleagues for a letter urging President Biden to defer approval of two World Health Organization treaties currently planned for later this month.


Fully half the Senate is now co-sponsoring the Senator’s legislation that would ensure that chamber performs its constitutional duty to vote on such treaties.


These initiatives put the Biden administration on notice: Its stealthy attempt to surrender our national sovereignty, states’ rights and personal medical freedoms to the WHO’s Director General.


One Senator called it “Dead on Arrival.”


It would be nice to see our Congress actually do their job for a change. I pray this is a sign of things to come.


Support and make your voice heard here:


The Brownstone Institute explains why the WHO Pandemic Treaty remains a serious threat to the US and the World.


It is set to be ratified in late May.





“Biden's lawless regime is forcing American taxpayers to fund benefits for even more illegal aliens.” – Rep Andy Biggs


President Joe Biden announced on Thursday his plan to grant DACA illegal aliens access to Obamacare and Medicaid. As with student loan forgiveness, Biden giving 100,000 illegal aliens Obamacare without any legal authority.


“This is a slap in the face to every hardworking American who plays by the rules, and it would never happen if Donald Trump were president.” – Sen JD Vance


Medicaid is a program to give free healthcare to poor and struggling American citizens. Now, Biden is going to take Medicaid from Americans by opening it up to illegal aliens.


Do you remember when Obama emphatically stated before Congress that Obamacare would never be available to illegal aliens? I know, it’s hard to believe. But, he lied. Democrats lied. America is being systematically sold out.


It is part of agreement that Biden made with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.


“Americans are not so much citizens of a country as tax cattle farmed for wealth to be redistributed to the client classes of the ruling elite.” – Auron MacIntyre






“Mayorkas admitted in secret that 85% of illegal immigrants are being released into the U.S. As with everything else about the Biden administration’s immigration policies, it’s an intentional strategy. This one aims to overwhelm our system to diminish the chances of deportation.” – Heritage Foundation


DHS utilized over 50 airports globally to process and fly more than 400,000 ilegal aliens into the U.S.


Three new mega faculties are being built to process illegal immigrants to the United States. They can potentially process up to 15,000 illegals per day. Aliens do not have ID’s. Nobody knows who these people are.


This is the end of western civilization as we know it and we’re paying for our own demise.

Aliens coming through per day. That would be mostly Venezuelans, hundreds of Chinese per day, Afghans every day. They are from 150 different countries; tons of them are Arabs.


Nobody knows who they are as they make it through the Darien Gap. They get on buses. They go to two major camps. One's called Las Blancas and the other one's called San Vicente. San Vicente is the one called China Camp.


OIM, Red Cross, UNICEF, HIAS, European Union, Doctors Without Borders, UNHCR, numerous Catholic charities, the Norwegian Refugee Council, CCP, and others play a role in a carefully planned mass migration pipeline.





The Migration and the 2030 Agenda, by the IOM, is a clear plan for mass migration of people. The report begins by stating, the 2030 Agenda recognizes migration as a core development consideration. It is explicitly integrated into the global development agenda.


Shockingly, the report refers to migrant men, women, and children as agents of development. Finally, the report states that we should not focus efforts on trying to stop migration. Efforts should be facilitating, not restricting.”


We exist to fund this administration’s new voter base and to provide everything to them for free.


Under the United Nations' plan for total global control known as Agenda 21 (which Agenda 2030 is a milestone of), all humans who once lived on farms and in rural areas are to be forcibly relocated into densely populated "smart" cities, referred to as "human settlements".


From the documentary, 'Unsustainable: The UN's Agenda For World Domination'.





The plan of Muslims is to exploit democracy in Western countries and get into positions of power. Once they seize enough power, they will implement Sharia. This is their grand plan for the Islamic takeover of the West. They say it openly.


The Muslim Brotherhood has published a five-step plan. Just look to the UK to see what step four looks like. America is only a step and a half behind.


Now the O’Biden Deep State is accelerating their entry into the US.





“As a smokescreen to steal the 2024 election, the deep state is planning to trigger massive civil unrest that will be labeled a race based Civil War. The controllers believe that once Trump is out of the way they will be able to fully implement their Great Reset.” – Alex Jones


It appears that O’Biden is planning to declare a National Climate Emergency. It would bypass Congress and give the President 130 Wartime Powers to impose the Green New Deal Net Zero scam. Congress would have no say in the matter. It would bypass Democracy.


Climate change is a fake issue, created by the elites to tax and control everything you do, and distract you from their weather modification crimes.





I enjoyed seeing the White House’s censorship czar being grilled by Congressman Jordan. Flaherty’s foolishness is on vivid display: a perfect example of the kind of people trying to control what you can and cannot say online.


Grilling of the Biden Misinformation/Censorship Czar.


They lied, they knew they were lying, they censored the truth, and now 17 million are dead and counting.


Tens of millions are now disabled. Tens of millions now have lifelong physical issues – sterility, infertility, neurological disorders, dementia, heart disease, cancer, etc.


Never forget what they did. Remember the abject stupidity on full display.

It would be funny, if it were not so deadly serious.


There are over 10 million COVID vaccine injured in the US. The CDC is hiding the data.


The EU has stopped the use of AstraZeneca mRNA vaccines; it is being withdrawn due to unprecedented blood clots and other serious side effects.


Florida is warning against the mRNA injections. There Surgeon General classifies it as a bio-weapon. Florida just announced they are also rejecting the WEF agenda.


If only all states were as honest and proactive as Florida.


Unsafe & Ineffective Movie

A look at the largest medical intervention in human history.


Covid mRNA Vaccines are officially, far and away, the deadliest drug ever used on humans.


UK Health Secretary asked her department to see how the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme (VDPS) can be reformed. It comes amid concerns the department is struggling to cope with the huge number of claims from those suffering from side-effects after receiving the C-19 shot.






"We are billions of people. Let's just stand up and say stop. We will not comply." - Pascal Najadi


Pascal Najadi, son of the WEF's co-founder, calls for WEF members to be arrested for their role in injecting a "bioweapon" into 5.7 billion people, from which he and his mother are now dying.


"It's a democide, and you'll be judged. It will be corrected in the name of humanity." - Pascal Najadi




In a dire warning, supported by other doctors and scientists, world-renowned Belgian virologist Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche has another warning for the public: the mass collapse of immunity among the fully vaccinated is upon us.


Bossche predicted a soon-coming “massive, massive tsunamiof illness and death among those who got “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), whose immune systems are now unspeakably compromised.


The result of this coming wave of mass illness and death is sure to completely overwhelm the health care sector, not to mention the economy-wide impact in terms of eventual total economic failure and social chaos.





Georgia's State Election Board has just started its meeting in the Georgia State Capitol. The SEB has already admitted in writing that Fulton County violated election law. That means: they cheated.


As the Georgia Election hearing takes place today, consider what we no know:


  • Forensic audit was blocked

  • 100 drop boxes lack surveillance videos

  • 20K ballot images - vanished

  • 13 election routers - vanished

  • 10 Dominion tabulators - vanished

  • 140K ballots still locked up

  • 148K Mail-Ballot signatures unverified


No records were created capturing 148,000 2020 mail-in ballot outer envelope signatures for matching to Fulton County records because their new electronic signature verification equipment - wasn't used.


Joseph Rossi detailed in the hearing how both the hand count audit and the certified machine recount in Fulton County have been found to be in violation of Georgia election law.


In Arizona, Only 1 official ballot paper type was approved by Maricopa County for all 2020 counted ballots, yet 10 types were discovered by voter-volunteers amounting to over 200,000 ‘non-conforming’ (counterfeit) ballots that were counted in a race Joe Biden ‘won’ by far, far less.


The election fraud is obvious and well documented. No court, to date, has heard the evidence.


This must be rectified to save the Republic. Democrats are already gearing up to steal the election this fall.






“The American Dream is dying for the young: For the first time, kids are poorer than their parents were at their age.” - Wall Street Sliver


They killed the Golden Goose.


Berkshire Hathaway’s cash pile reached a new all-time high of $189 BILLION in Q1 2024.


"I don’t mind at all, given current conditions, building our cash position." - Warren Buffet


Within a decade, 50% of your income will go towards paying the interest on the national debt.


Apparently, Covid emergency spending was not temporary – it looks rather permanent. Covid spending was supposedly a once in a 100-year emergency.

Peter St Onge laments, “BofA analyst: The world’s governments have ‘only a couple years’ to fix their runaway debt before it could spiral out of control. It would be the mother of all bailouts: Global government debt is approaching $100 trillion — roughly equal to all the money in all the world. If it happens, it would lead to a stagflation we haven’t seen in 50 years. And, given recent economic numbers, we’re already well on the way.”


“Best case is stagflation that crushes the young. Worst case is hyperinflation that cleaves society into warring factions.” – Peter St Onge


How does the Fed manage to lose $170 billion since O’Biden took office? They literally control our currency and interest rates.

This particular chart is tracking the losses from paying money to commercial banks on reverse repos and reserves. It is currently running at around $600 million per day that the Fed has to pay to (prop up) commercial banks.


“The Fed employs 400 PhD economists. Together, they lost $170 billion. So about $425 million per economist. I feel like maybe we should lay some off.” – Peter St Onge


St Onge says, “Biden's chief economist literally has no idea how bonds work.”



“This is scary - either he knows absolutely nothing about economics or his IQ begins with a decimal point.” – EJ Antoni, PhD


It gets worse. MMT morons are implanted across the administration. Spending as much as humanly possible without the slightest understanding of the consequences.


MMT Morons – Chaos and Poverty is the Goal


Jerome Powell, Chair of the Federal Reserve, admitted to “flooding our system” with money they create out of thin air.


“Our economy is run by morons.” – Peter St Onge


Makes you wonder what is in store.


Banks are insolvent. The numbers are growing. Once the Fed cuts rates (now it appears to be set for November, after the election – of course) banks could begin collapsing in large numbers.


Peter St Onge warns, “Washington's train-wreck is picking up speed as JP Morgan warns of 8% rates. That would bring double-digit mortgages and bond losses that dwarf the bank crashes we saw last year. Considering FDIC bank insurance is roughly 200 times under-funded, if banks go down they will raid every bank deposit in America to bail them out.”


Why hundreds of U.S. banks may be at risk of failure


That would choke out housing and commercial real estate. We saw construction jobs implode last month. And it could destroy the banking system considering last year’s crashes came after just a 2 point move in the ten-year treasury. This would be double that. With a slowing economy on top of it.


“The way to fix a lot of problems in our economy right now, is to get down the government spending.” – The Heritage Foundation


The US has added $100,000 in Federal debt every second over the last year. Since March 1st, the US has been adding a staggering $10 billion in debt per day. They are moving us inexorably toward a financial meltdown.

“The CBDC system also known as the Mark of the Beast is the heart of the global takeover system and must be stopped dead in its tracks.” – Alex Jones


Instead of reining in spending, O’Biden and Uni-party want to keep spending and raise our taxes. This is a recipe for disaster. It will destroy what’s left of our economy. Just remember the Carter years, but think far worse!


Biden wants 45% tax on capital gains. That would be the highest in 111 years. And it would gut investment.


St Onge Explains the Threat we Face


Turns out that little $190 billion for Ukraine -- or billions for migrants and Israel’s enemies -- weren't actually free.


“There are sailors and then there are pirates.” – Casey Kimbrell


Wake up - the hour is much later than you think.” – Emerald Robinson




SEEKING THE TRUTH: Follow the silenced! The truth will not be found on your television or newspapers; not even Fox is reporting anything close to the truth.


Seek the truth; share the truth.


For tons more information that runs counter to the narrative, find me on Twitter/X @tim_f_day, on Telegram @TreyBone, or TruthSocial @tim_day.  YouTube and Facebook are so heavily censored, it is a hopeless cause. So, I post heavily on Twitter – far, far more than I can put in an email.


I carpet-bomb Twitter/X daily with enough facts and truth to bring anyone willing to read a bit, up to speed in very little time. Just reading the posts and headlines on my Twitter channel will clear the clouds of deception.


You cannot go onto Twitter/X and merely look around. You need to plug into the right network. I am doing the work for you. Examine my network. Follow those I follow to stay truly informed.


Note: I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I am a ‘things aren't adding up and it's pretty obvious’ theorist. And, a decidedly ‘I ain’t buying the mainstream narrative’ anymore patriot.


My objective is to awaken Christians to the clear and present danger; to awaken the silent majority – the sleeping lion.


Past posts can be found at:

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