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Historical Pandemics & Perspective - Israel in the Crosshairs Part 3

"The 6 billion dollars we gave Iran will be used to buy colorful flowers, cute puppy dogs, rainbows, cotton candy, and fluffy kittens." - The Biden regime (Catturd parody)

If Hamas stopped fighting, there would be peace. If Israel stopped fighting, it would cease to exist.



Israel's cabinet invoked Article 40 Aleph, officially declaring war for the first time since the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

Hundreds of Israeli Tanks are being deployed to the border with Lebanon and Syria in the Pilon region. This could be a sign of anticipation of a wider conflict with hostile state actors including Iran backed Hezbollah and even Syria and Lebanon.



Now, we are nearly in it; we are certainly inching closer by the minute.

The United States military has just ordered the movement of the USS Gerald R. Ford Carrier Strike Group, including the USS Normandy as well as other guided missile destroyers, to the Eastern Mediterranean. The Aircraft F-35 F -15 F-16 and A-10 fighter squadrons are part of the Air Power that has been ordered to assist.

Now there are reported attacks in Egypt.

We need real leadership – now! Like Trump!

“The terror invasion of Israeli territory and the murder of Israeli soldiers and citizens is an act of savagery that must be, and will be, crushed and avenged.” – President Trump



“I served in the IDF 25 years ago in the intelligence forces … there’s no way, in my view, that Israel did not know what’s comingSomething is very wrong here.” - Efrat Fenigson

We stand with Israel” is shallow, hollow, rhetoric from this Administration. Our actions now speak louder than any words they can utter.

US weapons left behind in Afghanistan were used to attack Israel. A high-ranking Israel Defense Forces (IDF) commander said US weapons left in Afghanistan by the Biden administration were found in the hands of Palestinian groups active in the Gaza Strip.

Very disturbing, a Middle East Monitor reported that Joe Biden approved the release of $75 million dollar aid to Palestine just hours before the attack on Israel. In a quiet move bypassing Republicans, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken approved the release of $75 million in crucial food assistance for Palestinians just hours before the funds were set to be redistributed elsewhere.

“There Is NO WAY In The World ANYONE Can Approach That Border Without Us Knowing About It. — There Is No Way In Hell. They Would Wake Me Up For A Pigeon In The Sky” - Israel Infantry Operations Sergeant During Operation Protective Edge, Gaza Division, Logistics Support Says

Blinken finally had to admit that cutting the $6,000,000,000 check to Iran caused Hamas to attack Israel. But, this is the tip of the iceberg. Rob Malley, the rabid pro-Iran installment of the Biden administration, was an Iranian spy.

"It's not even just this $6 billion which clearly is going to further enrich Iran, its closer to $60 billion..." - John Ratcliffe, Former Director of National Intelligence

Obama funded Iran with $150 Billion and $1.7 Billion pallets full of cash delivered in dead of night. Biden funded today’s war with $6 Billion delivered to Iran on 9-11. Biden and his cronies have blood on their hands – again.

"We thank the Islamic Republic of Iran who provided us with weapons, money and other equipment! He gave us missiles to destroy Zionist fortresses, and helped us with standard anti-tank missiles!" - Spokesperson of Izzuddin Al-Qassam Brigades, Abu Obaidah



“The Israeli attack was made because we are being seen as weak and ineffective, and with a really weak leader.” – President Trump

Afghanistan, Ukraine, and now Israel; every single foreign policy moment during Joe Biden’s tenure has been a failure.

“They stole our election. Depleted our oil reserves. Gave our military equipment and munitions away and now they're positioning our Navy and Marines to fight in the Middle East again. Watch what China is doing like a hawk because they want us focused on Israel and the middle east and it's obvious now.” – Wendy Patterson

“Taiwan is next … Every global conflict we are witnessing is the consequence of the weakness of American leadership.” – Eric Trump

While America is still the best Country on planet earth, it is sad to live in a Country where you can no longer trust your own government. It is sad to live in a Country where we are ashamed about so many things they now do – and feel so helpless to stop it.

How can anyone who loves America be proud to be American at this moment in time?

Our government is funding Nazi death squads in Ukraine.

We have political prisoners in the DC jail.

The occupant of the White House just gave $6 billion to Islamic terrorists.

The FBI thinks half the county is a “MAGA terrorist

We don’t have free speech.

We have stolen elections.

And the leading candidate on the GOP ticket is being attacked with lawfare and arrests as a way to keep him off the ballot.

"Sorry, but that doesn’t make me proud. It’s embarrassing to be American these days if we are being honest.” – Laura Loomer



“How many Hamas sleeper cells have crossed our southern border under the Biden Administration’s policies? We are not prepared.” – Rep Andy Biggs

Brace yourself. The terrorism we are seeing in Israel on video feeds may be coming to a neighborhood near each of us far sooner than we would like to believe.

“When a man heads to war, he leaves his family behind. Our Nation is being infiltrated by Military-Aged Men from every corner of the globe. America is VULNERABLE.” – Kari Lake



Some are saying that our intelligence agencies are incompetent. They may be. It is more likely that they are compromised, and sold out to the globalist’s agenda. Obama made huge inroads by placing members of the Muslim Brotherhood in high-level key positions throughout our government, military, and intelligence agencies.

“Our intel community is mostly compromised and politicized.” – Adam Housley

Our Deep State shadow government is real. It is our clear and present danger. The Swamp runs deep and wide. Most hold to a globalist allegiance. We even have openly anti-American Congressmen. Rashida Tlaib is a jihadist and a HAMAS sympathizer.

"Now that the Israel part of Obama’s dream has been achieved, we should be prepared for the other shoe to drop. The violence he unleashed in Israel will be coming to these shores now." – Lee Smith



There is found intersectionality amongst the globalists behind the Great Reset and Islamic nations hell-bent on the annihilation of Israel and America. America must fall for the Great Reset to achieve their goal of world control. Illegal Alien invasion of Europe, UK, and America serves to erode sovereignty, while placing terrorist cells within countries.

“Thanks to Joe Biden's open border, nearly 400 suspected terrorists have been apprehended at the Southern Border in FY22 + 23. Around 2 million gotaways means we have no idea how many terrorists made it into America.” – Charlie Kirk

The globalists want chaos, war, and civil war. The EU and WEF, and NGOs like George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, are actively funding and facilitating the invasions like what we see at our southern border. This is going on worldwide. Muslims, and other terrorists, are useful pawns in their effort to disrupt stable societies. Remember Soros’ dream is to see America fall before he dies.

“If you don’t think they are importing criminal gangs from the open border as an army to slaughter your children in front of you, then you’re hopeless. You don’t understand anything. You’ll enjoy the big game today, and soon it’ll be too late for your house.” - Cernovich

This should be a wakeup call for America. Will we heed the warning? The hour is late.

“Attack on Israel by Democrat-funded Iran/Hamas should be a wakeup call to the Biden/Democrat fueled invasion at US border by millions of military-aged men from all over the world. Republicans shouldn’t allow anything to move in Congress until we close our border immediately.” – Jim DeMint

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Pray for America.

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