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Wednesday Warriors reach for the heights!


Wednesday warriors



By Joel Balin


John Morgan

“I love War On Fear. I’ve certainly known my share of fears through the years. John takes so many of the common things we fear and gives us great help in not only overcoming these enemies, but actually taking them and using them to gain strength and help others.”

                                - Alan Robertson, Duck Commander

                                  and A&E’s Duck Dynasty

War on Fear Book Cover.jpg

"This is a must read for any musician, singer, pastor or anyone who desires to have a closer relationship with GOD. It is an easy read and is sure to transform any churches music department. Take your worship to the next level with this book! Whether you prefer hymns versus contemporary music this book is for those who want to worship in spirit and in truth!" - Dr. W

By Joel Balin

The Spirit Soul and Body of Worship Book Cover.jpg
Wednesday Warriors Leader Joel Balin
Larry Veal

By Larry Veal

All across America teachers, students, parents, and counselors are asking "What can we do to make our schools safer?" This is a story about one man who had more than questions.

Message To Mission Book Cover Larry Veal.png

By David Nutter 

On My Way to a Cocktail Party and Other True-Life Parables is one man’s account of what he has been hearing from the Lord during these difficult days. This book will help you encounter the living God in a real and meaningful way and will encourage you to pursue God’s unique calling in your life with passion and prophetic purpose so that we may all prophesy!

On My Way To A Cocktail Party Book Cover.jpg
David Nutter

Riveting true stories of mission trips into unfriendly areas where lives we oftentimes threatened. Dramatic salvations as with MS-13 Gang Members, witches, and authorities in communist countries. Unbelievable but true direct miracles of God that kept the naysayers scratching their heads for explanations.

By Gary Vanover and

Richard L. McBain

By the Word Book Cover.jpg
Gary Vanover
Curtis Minter

Tic-Tac-Toe of Life:

The Now, Own and

Won Anointing


Dr. Curtis Keith Minter


Tic-Tac-Toe of Life "The NOW, OWN and WON Anointing" is a life changer to where you can understand the vision, purpose, attitude, prayer, passion, faith, peace, identity, power, victory, healing and revival of the anointing available to you. This book will help you complete every dream, desire fulfilling your destiny that God purpose you to have.

Tic-Tac-Tow book cover.jpg
Isac Silvano

An unassuming voice with humble origins is heard daily in homes all around the world. This is the account of one man and his journey down a path he could have only imagined possible. It is a story of one voice, a radio, and the power of simple faith and surrender.

Photo of


Wednesday Warrior and author Isac Silvano

A Voice 

From Africa

Tales of a



By Isac Silvano 

A Voice from Africa Book Cover.jpg

Expect Only Good From God unveils the love and goodness of God, and teaches them in a way everyone would understand . It clears many misconceptions that people have about God, especially His nature of goodness.

Expect Only

Good From God

Secrets to Overcoming

Ugly Situations

By Evangelist

Kelechi John

Wednesday Warrior and author John Kelechi
Expect Only Good from God - Kelechi John.jpg



Hagin Book Cover.jpg
Is Atheism Dead.png

Is Atheism Dead?

By Eric Metaxas

Letter to the American Church.jpg

In The Day of Thy Power

By Arthur Wallis

Why Revival Tarries.jpg

Why Revival Tarries

By Leonard Ravenhill

Ron Tripodo Book Cover.jpg
Understanding Your Dreams Now.jpg

Understand Your Dreams Now:

Spiritual Dream Interpretation

By Doug Addison

Speaking in Tongues.jpg

Speaking in Tongues

By Cephas Abur

Captivity of Trauma.jpg
Total Forgiveness RT Kendall.jpg

Total Forgiveness

By R. T. Kendall

Praying Effectively for the Lost Cover.jpg
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