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Daylight with Tim Day

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tim day

Tim Day is an email blogger, bible teacher and serial Twitter poster/reposter. We call his collective works

“Daylight with Tim Day - Bringing the issues of the day to light.”

Tim has Two Email Blogs:

Historical Pandemics and Perspective is a comprehensive overview of what in the world is going on. It helps to lift the mask of the narrative that hides truth behind much of what is widely reported about current events.

Streams et. al. is a collection of scriptures and quotes from classic bible commentators and devotional writers along with bible based historical quotes.

To subscribe to one or both of Tim’s email blogs, contact him at:

TO connect with TIM 

Tim’s Twitter feed is a great way to stay up on current events away from the Mainstream Media.

Twitter feed: “Tim - ain't buying the narrative - Day” is: @tim_f_day

TruthSocial @tim_day.

Telegram @TreyBone

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