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Historical Pandemics and Perspective - Disease X

Updated: Jan 23

“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad.” - Aldous Huxley


“The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.” - James A. Garfield


"Barack Obama has led Joe Biden every step of the way to destroy the America First idea and build the U.S. back better into their globalist image." - General Flynn





"’Disease X’ is a concept, to create a pathogen (virus, bacteria, etc.) in order to generate highly profitable, government purchases vaccines which are administered to the whole world, over and over again, the business plan of CEPI vaccines formed by WEF and Gates Foundation.” - Peter A. McCullough, MD


 Get ready. Brace yourself. We can see it coming – again.


They have to fabricate another global scamdemic in time for the 2024 election, and to pull off the Pandemic Treaty. It looks like it is on the way.


The scripted message of fear and panic is starting to rollout.


The WEF is having a meeting to "Prepare for Disease X".


The WHO and WEF are already issuing dire warnings.


Disease X plandemic was simulated in August 2023, just like Covid plandemic was simulated by Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and WEF in Oct 2019 in Event 201.

Disease X does not exist, yet the World Health Organization has added it to a list of diseases that need more attention from the global health community.


The vaccines for this “disease” have been under development for nearly a year. This has been widely reported in mainstream media.


You cannot develop vaccines for a virus that doesn’t exist yet unless that virus has been planned ahead of time. You know, like Covid.


The UK already has a dedicated vaccine facility for Disease X.


When there's a vaccine ready before the disease, it's time to ask questions. Frankly, it’s time to start arresting folks.


“The Davos Magicians at the World Economic Forum conveniently have the pre-knowledge of ‘Disease X’. Dr. John Campbell explains that this ‘Disease X’ doesn’t exist in any Medical Textbooks … but, yet it appears on the WEF’s website.” – Liz Churchill


It is all about control and depopulation. You can move freely in their “Brave New World” if you manage to live through the vaccines.




They will leverage increasing Covid vaccine deaths as the result of Disease X. The rhetoric has already begun. Scientists are now warning that the Disease X could trigger a “heart failure pandemic.”


Do not fail to recognize that the mRNA vaccines caused widespread heart damage. Doctors give these folks 3-5 years to live. We are entering year 3, just in time for Disease X.


Pfizer knows, “heart failure pandemic” will not be due to a “covid variant” but because more and more patients with Covid-vaccine-induced Myocarditis will start presenting in heart failure. To deliberately mislead they are creating a false excuse.


The Vigilant Fox reports:


“Pfizer, the same company that sold you the so-called vaccines, is making a big bet on that “heart failure pandemic.” The pharmaceutical giant recently acquired several companies. This includes a major $6.7 billion cash acquisition of Arena Pharmaceuticals, a firm specializing in developing treatments, particularly for heart inflammation conditions like myocarditis and pericarditis.”


Children are the most vulnerable. With Covid, they leveraged the elderly to create fear because they were to easiest to kill with mRNA Vaccines and other deadly protocols.


I will not be surprised if they do not leverage children this time. I can already hear the mantra – “if you love your children...” The unvaccinated will likely be labeled ‘children killers.’


Reports out of China are saying that a new disease X is emerging.


“Let me tell you the REAL reason that the World Economic Forum is ‘Preparing for Disease X.’ They want to scare people into embracing the WHO Pandemic Treaty.” – Peter Sweden


“Disease X is a catch all term for the massive illegal gain of function research going on around the planet. The UN and WEF are one and the same. Both groups are saying brace for a new ultra deadly virus. Their solution is handing over control of our nations and body’s to them. If we don’t they can’t protect us from the viruses they made. The real pandemic comes after we take the Frankenstein shots. Human bodies are then turned into factories to produce whatever viral shedding they want. The last injection produced a spike protein. Think mad cow but synthetic. Gates openly brags that he can inject any living thing and it will then produce whatever he wants and then spread it.” – Alex Jones


This should make you go hummmmm … Disease X Act of 2023:

“WEF, Gates Foundation, WHO, EcoHealth NYC are all announcing Disease X -- almost certainly from a biosecurity laboratory performing gain-of-function research. Cannot be any more telegraphed.  Don't be duped into vaccine X.  Get ready this time!” - Peter A. McCullough, MD


The World Economic Forum is Disease X.


"‘Disease X Act’ is orchestrated by WEF who is planning ‘Disease X’ in Davos. Worldwide mass indiscriminate vaccination is objective for Disease X handed into the lap of CEPI vaccines the WEF vaccine incubator. - Peter A. McCullough, MD


Do not lose sight of the fact that the folks, who want to give you a vaccine to supposedly ‘save your life,’ are the same folks who want to depopulate the world by 95%.


Plandemics serve to achieve numerous intersectionality goals – centralized world control, ratify the WHO Pandemic Treaty, a catalyst to bring about the WEF Great Reset (Rockefeller Lockstep program) depopulation through vaccines (UN Agenda 2030 & 2050), and another handy means to steal elections – read as, stop Trump.


“[Trump] is likely to be the death of what remains of the ‘Global Order.’” - WEF Klaus Schwabs right hand man Yuval Noah Harari


All I can say to Harari is, Go Trump!


There is a way to stop all this plandemic nonsense, stop complying!





“The extent to which Democrats in the US trust the planet's largest media corporations is amazing, and speaks volumes about why they're so easily propagandized. It also shows on whose side those media corporations are.” – Glen Greenwald


Here is the biggest threat. Pravda in the US controls the thinking of the masses. Control what people think is to control people. Control over people is power.


Get ready. The brainwashed tattletale Karen’s, quislings, and shameless virtue signalers will come from the Left. They love to be lied to. They love to project their lies onto others.


Only 27% of Americans identify as Democrats, the smallest figure in the party’s history, according to a Gallup poll. But, like other minorities, they have loud mouths. We continually allow the tail to wag the dog in America.


“Democrats think they are getting real news. That’s 100% of America’s problem.” – Scott Adams


Proverbs 15:14 The heart of him that hath understanding seeketh knowledge: but the mouth of fools feedeth on foolishness.


“Wake up - the hour is much later than you think.” – Emerald Robinson



SEEKING THE TRUTH: Follow the silenced! The truth will not be found on your television or newspapers; not even Fox is reporting anything close to the truth. See the truth; share the truth.


For tons more information that runs counter to the narrative, find me on Twitter/X @tim_f_day, on Telegram @TreyBone, or TruthSocial @tim_day.  YouTube and Facebook are so heavily censored, it is a hopeless cause. So, I post heavily on Twitter – far, far more than I can put in an email.


I carpet-bomb Twitter/X daily with enough facts and truth to bring anyone willing to read a bit, up to speed in very little time. Just reading the posts and headlines on my Twitter channel will clear the clouds of deception.


You cannot go onto Twitter/X and merely look around. You need to plug into the right network. I am doing the work for you. Examine my network. Follow those I follow to stay truly informed.


Note: I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I am a "things aren't adding up and it's pretty obvious" theorist. And, a decidedly “I ain’t buying the mainstream narrative” anymore patriot.


My objective is to awaken Christians to the clear and present danger; to awaken the silent majority – the sleeping lion.


Past posts can be found at:

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